Papiers polyester robuste et durables Poly G

Product Attributes

Premium Polyester

100% Polyester / Blended Polyester / Paper Polyester

Poly G is made from premium polyester and designed for protecting your print well beyond what regular papers can provide. Prime-grade polyester provides a solid core making it perfect for hardworking applications that require added strength and durability.

poly g polyester paper cartons


Poly g is a coated polyester-based substrate that offers superior waterproof properties even in the most adverse conditions. Poly g can stand up to the most extreme weather conditions.

Durable & Tear-Resistant

Poly g offers extra strength and durability when you compare it with other competitors’ synthetic products. Extruded polyester provides a solid core making it impossible to tear with your hands.

High-Heat Resistance

Poly g can take the heat compared to many of the leading competitive synthetic products. The high-heat resistance of poly g can handle up to 490F of heat, making them easy to work with on any digital press.

Grease & Alcohol Resistant

Whether it’s grease, wine, or oil–poly g resists it. Poly g is perfect for restaurant menus, manuals, plant tags or any hardworking application where durability is paramount.

Scuff-Free Coating

Poly G’s proprietary coating is designed to help dry and liquid toner fully adhere to the sheet with no wipe-off and exceptional scuff resistance.

Minimal Static

Poly g papers are engineered to minimize static after printing making your post-press work faster and more efficient.