Papiers polyester robuste et durables Poly G

High-Performance Polyester Papers for Digital Presses

Poly G sets a higher standard for quality, consistency, and performance in a polyester paper. With a contender in every class, you have the advantage to trade up or trade down for optimal print results. Choose from 100% Polyester for premium results, Blended Polyester for balanced cost and performance, or Paper Polyester for the most cost-effective, durable results. Gain a competitive advantage with Poly G in your corner.

Poly G Polyester Paper Carton

Weights + Sizes

100% Polyester

Poly G One Hundred Percent Polyester Weights and Sizes

Blended Polyester

Poly G Blended Polyester Weights and Sizes

Paper Polyester

A blend of Paper and Polyester that has a high tear resistance.

papier poly g polyester poids et tailles disponibles